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PrivacyWallet users can now rate companies based on how they handle personal data and how they respond to requests. 

Did the company respond to your request on time?

Were they open about the data they store about you?

Share your experience by leaving a rating and writing a review for companies you send privacy requests to. 

Check PrivacyWallet to see what others say about a company before you decide whether to share your data with them.


Zero access = 100% privacy for you.

PrivacyWallet is built in a "zero knowledge" environment, so no one else than you can access your data (not even us).

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PrivacyWallet FAQ

Get answers to frequently asked questions

Learn about best-practices for data management

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    You have the right to find out if your data is being processed by a company and/or get access to it.  

    GDPR Article 15; CCPA section 1798.100; PIPL Articles 18, 35, 45

    Read more about right of access on the EU Commision’s website*

    You have the right to have your data to a third party of your choice in a commonly used and machine-readable format.

    GDPR Article 20; CCPA section 1798.100; PIPL Article 45*

    Read more about data portability on the EU Commision’s website*

    You have the right to ask for rectification of incorrect data or add missing information to your personal data. Please specify the changes that should be made.

    GDPR Article 16; CCPA section 1798.106; PIPL Article 46*

    Read more about the right to rectification on the EU Commision’s website*

    You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data in certain situations and thus, stop or prevent a company from processing your personal data. Please give a specific reason. 

    GDPR Article 21; PIPL Article 44; CCPA 1798.120 -opt out of data sale

    Read more about the right to object on the EU Commision’s website*

    You have the right to limit the way an organization uses your personal data. Please be specific.  

    GDPR Article 18; PIPL Article 44; CCPA 1798.120*

    Read more about the right to rectification on the EU Commision’s website*

    You have the right to request deletion of your personal data in certain situations, e.g., when the data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. 

    GDPR Article 17; CCPA section 1798.105; PIPL Article 47*

    Read more


    Find out about any personal data breach that could likely result in harm to your rights and freedoms.  

    GDPR Article 34; PIPL Article 57 *