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Take a look at our FAQ regarding PrivacyWallet

  • What does PrivacyWallet do?

    PrivacyWallet is a personal information manager (PIM) tool that helps you find, track and manage the personal sensitive data you intentionally or unintentionally share with companies.

    It shows you who stores your personal data and lets you make the following requests through the app:

    • Get a copy of your data
    • Have your data delivered to you
    • Update your personal information
    • Object to how your data is being used
    • Restrict further use of data
    • Have your data deleted
    • Find out if your information has been affected by a data breach

  • Do I need to provide personal information to use the app?

    You can use the app right away, without creating an account. Add an email account if you want to check that account for companies that may have your data. Including your first name, last name, email, home address, phone number, and country when you make a request is not required, but it is a good idea because:

    1. It verifies your identity, so no one can make a request in your name to try to get your data handed over.

    2. Your data requests will be taken more seriously.

    Responding to privacy requests can present a challenging task for companies. Sending your verified privacy request through PrivacyWallet gives companies the best start to deliver the data you want back to you safely.

  • How does the email scan work?

    PrivacyWallet’s email scan finds companies you’ve communicated with that store your personal data. You can scan multiple email accounts. The app only scans the ‘from’ and ‘date’ fields. Never the messages themselves.

    Your privacy is important to us. Here are a couple of promises:

    • PrivacyWallet only scans the “from” and “date” fields of emails you receive.
    • No other information from the email is collected during this process.

    Read more in the app’s privacy policy.

  • How does the request process work?

    You can make a variety of requests right from the app. For example, you can ask for a copy of the personal information stored by a company to be delivered to you, or request it be deleted if you no longer use that company.

    Requests can be sent quickly from the app, but transfer of the data itself must be arranged between you and that company once the request is processed. No data can be delivered to us. It is the company’s responsibility by law to deliver your request safely to you and you alone.

  • Does PrivacyWallet gain access to the data I request from a company?

    Not at all.

    None of the personal data you request will be delivered through the app or be collected by PrivacyWallet or Safe Online in any other way.

  • What if I forget, or want to change my password?

    If you forget your password to PrivacyWallet, you will need to re-verify your account, and then create a new password.

    The app will automatically recover your data, including a list of companies you have made requests with, as well as the time and type of each request.

    Your previous scans and the personal identity information you entered in the app cannot be recovered without your original password. This data is encrypted and part of the zero-knowledge environment, we can’t access it.

    It’s easy to run a new scan and re-enter your name, country, etc. Remember your new password this time 🙂

    If you want to change your password for PrivacyWallet, go to the “account settings” tab.

  • Why is a zero-knowledge environment more secure?

    Zero-knowledge technology is designed to protect your privacy. PrivacyWallet is developed in a hyper-secure environment that keeps your data encrypted and available to you – and ONLY you.

    If you choose to save your progress (including the companies/connections you’ve found with PrivacyWallet) only you can see it. Our team has zero access to your data. In fact, we don’t even have your password, so make sure you keep it, we can’t reset it if you lose it.

  • What do our Google, Apple and Microsoft approvals mean for the safety of your data?

    Google, Apple, and Microsoft have assessment processes designed to protect users and their data. You can feel confident using PrivacyWallet because we’ve met all of their requirements.

    When you use PrivacyWallet, you can be sure that we:

    • Are being transparent about the data we do collect and do not collect.
    • Are not collecting any data you would not want us to access.
    • Protect your data and your privacy.

    For example, we went through a rigorous review from the Google team to prove that we do not and will not share any of your sensitive data with servers, storage systems or 3rd parties. Google applies both automatic and manual reviews a few times a month to make sure that we are compliant.

    Google requires that services like ours, among other things:

    “Only request access to the minimal, technically feasible scope of access that is necessary to implement existing features or services in your application, and limit access to the minimum amount of data needed.”

    “Be up front with users so that they can make an informed decision to grant authorization. Disclose all user data that you access, use, store, delete, or share, as well as any actions you take on a user’s behalf.”

    The only data we store in our systems from PrivacyWallet is your profile data, that is, the data we use to contact you like your name and email address.

    This is fully outlined in our privacy policy.

  • What personal data does PrivacyWallet collect and how is it used?

    When you make a request, you can submit your first name, last name, email, home address, phone number and country to verify your identity; ensuring that you and only you use the app to request your data from companies.

    We store your contact information, i.e., email address, to be able to provide support and to communicate with you.

    We store the status of your accounts and collect Diagnostic Reports and other troubleshooting, bug, and crash reporting information from customers to help determine problems with the app.

    See our privacy policy.

  • Will you sell or share my data?

    We never sell any of your personal data.

    PrivacyWallet is designed to give you and only you insight into companies’ use of your data.

    Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) gets your email address only to check for breaches

    When you select the option “Has my data been breached?”, PrivacyWallet uses the service “Have I Been Pwned” (HIBP) to check if your data has been breached. Your email address is the only data shared with HIBP. HIBP searches data breaches associated with your email address, and it only ever retrieves the data from storage and then returns it in the response, the searched data is never explicitly stored anywhere.

    Read HIBP’s privacy policy here:

    PrivacyWallet does not share your data with any other third party.

  • How is the app free?

    We offer a variety of paid and free data sharing and privacy-related solutions. This one is completely free, with all features included. We are proud of our products, and we hope everyone will make good use the free ones we share, plus check out our paid options and add-ons as well.

    We’re ambitious, so you can expect to see us develop and offer more valuable optional upgrades for PrivacyWallet; along with new apps and SaaS solutions, both paid and free, in the future. Please check our website to see what we offer now.

  • Can I just request all the companies that have my data delete it?

    You have the right to be deleted at most of the companies that store your data. With PrivacyWallet, it is easy to request a company to delete your data.

    But remember that some companies, such as public companies, have the right to have some information about you. And companies that you currently use need some of your data to continue to offer you their services.

    PrivacyWallet will help you find out who these companies are, what information they have and make sure they only keep what is reasonable and necessary.

  • What if a company does not respond to my request?

    If your PrivacyWallet request does not get a response from the company within 45 days, here are a few things you can do:

    Leave a rating

    Leave a rating with PrivacyWallet. Your ratings help you keep track of companies you trust, and each rating helps all of us choose trustworthy companies that respect our rights.

    Contact the company by phone 

    You may give the company another opportunity to respond by using the contact information on their website or privacy policy.

    Report it 

    Most global regulations require companies to respond promptly to your privacy requests, usually within 30-45 days. If you would like to report a company that failed to respond to your request to the local authorities in Denmark, you may use the following contact information:


    Datatilsynet (’DPA’)

    Borgergade 28, 5 DK 1300 København K

    T +45 3319 3200

    F +45 3319 3218

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