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PrivacyWallet lists the companies that might store your data and sorts them by sector, giving you a level of insight that was previously impossible.

It will also check for recent data breaches that may affect your data and alert you of new data breaches.

Take control

Exercise your rights, right from your phone. Get companies to:

NEW! Share reviews 

PrivacyWallet users can now rate companies based on how they handle personal data and how they respond to requests. 

Did the company respond to your request on time?

Were they open about the data they store about you?

Share your experience by leaving a rating and writing a review for companies you send privacy requests to. 

Check PrivacyWallet to see what others say about a company before you decide whether to share your data with them.


Zero access = 100% privacy for you.

PrivacyWallet is built in a "zero knowledge" environment, so no one else than you can access your data (not even us).

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