How does the email scan work?

PrivacyWallet’s email scan finds companies you’ve communicated with that store your personal data. You can scan multiple email accounts. The app only scans the ‘from’ and ‘date’ fields. Never the messages themselves. Your privacy is important to us. Here are a couple of promises: PrivacyWallet only scans the “from” and “date” fields of emails you […]

What if a company does not respond to my request?

If your PrivacyWallet request does not get a response from the company within 45 days, here are a few things you can do: Leave a rating Leave a rating with PrivacyWallet. Your ratings help you keep track of companies you trust, and each rating helps all of us choose trustworthy companies that respect our rights. Contact the company by […]

Why is a zero-knowledge environment more secure?

Zero-knowledge technology is designed to protect your privacy. PrivacyWallet is developed in a hyper-secure environment that keeps your data encrypted and available to you – and ONLY you. If you choose to save your progress (including the companies/connections you’ve found with PrivacyWallet) only you can see it. Our team has zero access to your data. […]

What do our Google, Apple and Microsoft approvals mean for the safety of your data?

Google, Apple, and Microsoft have assessment processes designed to protect users and their data. You can feel confident using PrivacyWallet because we’ve met all of their requirements. When you use PrivacyWallet, you can be sure that we: • Are being transparent about the data we do collect and do not collect. • Are not collecting […]

What personal data does PrivacyWallet collect and how is it used?

When you make a request, you can submit your first name, last name, email, home address, phone number and country to verify your identity; ensuring that you and only you use the app to request your data from companies. We store your contact information, i.e., email address, to be able to provide support and to […]

Will you sell or share my data?

We never sell any of your personal data. PrivacyWallet is designed to give you and only you insight into companies’ use of your data. Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) gets your email address only to check for breaches When you select the option “Has my data been breached?”, PrivacyWallet uses the service “Have I Been Pwned” […]

How is the app free?

We offer a variety of paid and free data sharing and privacy-related solutions. This one is completely free, with all features included. We are proud of our products, and we hope everyone will make good use the free ones we share, plus check out our paid options and add-ons as well. We’re ambitious, so you […]

Can I just request all the companies that have my data delete it?

You have the right to be deleted at most of the companies that store your data. With PrivacyWallet, it is easy to request a company to delete your data. But remember that some companies, such as public companies, have the right to have some information about you. And companies that you currently use need some […]

How does the request process work?

You can make a variety of requests right from the app. For example, you can ask for a copy of the personal information stored by a company to be delivered to you, or request it be deleted if you no longer use that company. Requests can be sent quickly from the app, but transfer of […]